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Thinking about getting a new tattoo?

Tattoo is an amazing art form that keeps growing! No matter the age or profession, tattoos are conquering more and more people everywhere around the world!

After all, a quality tattoo in your own way (with your personality and style) makes you more confident and happy!

I felt this transformation and only those who have had a tattoo know the difference it makes in our lives. We look in the mirror and feel beautiful, stylish, powerful and unique.

Each tattoo immortalizes a part of our history, and it is impossible to get a tattoo and not fall in love with this art form.

mulher feliz com tatuagem

My name is Gi Bianco, and I have been a tattoo artist for over 5 years, and this is my mission:

To create a tattoo that will make a positive difference in your life, that will make you proud and will make you much more beautiful and confident.

If you are looking for a tattoo shop in Porto, let's talk!

See some of my creations

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It's time to get a new tattoo that will:

-Make you feel beautiful, wonderful and powerful.

-Be just yours! No one else has one like it.

-Be created thinking about you, with your style and personality.

-Be done with quality and safety.

-Be done by a professional who really understands what you are looking for.

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After all, every detail of your tattoo matters!

About Me

My name is Gi Bianco, I’m a tattoo artist specialized in tattoos for women, such as thin line (thin strokes/fine line), florals and delicate tattoos. I'm Brazilian from São Paulo and I moved to Porto beginning of 2022.

I've been a tattoo artist for over 6 years, and I've learned that each tattoo tells an unique story. You think about every detail, imagine it for weeks, choose an awesome design, think about the best place and everything else.

That's why, the person who will tattoo you needs to understand how important and special this moment is.

I love what I do, and it will be an honor to tattoo you and contribute to telling your story through this wonderful art form.

Frequently Asked Questions

To request a quote, just contact me by direct message (DM) on Instagram. There, we will talk a bit, so I can better understand what you want for your new tattoo.

If you prefer, you can also send me an e-mail at


Once you reach out to me, I'll inquire about your desired tattoo and request some inspiring tattoo samples that you like. From there, I will start creating a new design, exclusive to you. This is important, as your tattoo will be done exclusively for you, based on what you told me, your body and your taste. No one else will have that same tattoo. 

Yes, I only work with appointments (to schedule an appointment, contact us via Instagram or by email

Tattoo is a wonderful art form, but it needs to be done responsibly. The best tip is to do your research, seek for quality information, so you can make good choices. I've been in your shoes and I know how important it is to have someone to answer questions. So, if you have any questions regarding tattoos, you can contact me, and it will be a pleasure to help you.

I'm situated in Porto, Portugal, in Zero21 Tattoo Shop.

Address: Rua Damião de Góis, 363, Porto, Portugal.

No, I also tattoo men that like my tattoo style, thin lines, delicate, watercoloring and floral styles.

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